We are Altum Intelligence and we are changing the world with machine intelligence

We make your data intelligent and your insights beautiful through bespoke models and interactive graphical dashboards and reports.

Our work specialises in asset management, finance and banking but can be applied to industries from medicine to politics and everything in between. Whatever your use-case, we are here to help.

We crunch the great mass of data for you in our Altum Brain. You provide the data, we provide the intelligence.

Blend artificial intelligence into your workflow

Our Altum Platform makes harnessing the power of machine intelligence simple.

We offer both off-the-shelf models as well as fully bespoke projects to help you gain intelligent insights from your data.

We can help investment managers and hedge funds leverage machine learning to gain unique insights into the markets and form new alpha signals from alternative data.

We can aid political parties in analysing electoral collections of big data to visualise their highly-dimensional relationships and help form their tactical and strategic approaches.

And we can help your unique use-case, whatever it may be.

Our model outputs are beautifully crafted into intuitive visual interfaces and interactive reports, to help you tell the story in the most intuitive way possible.

Deep Intelligence for Insights

Gaining insights into data is getting harder and harder with the exponential growth of data being produced.

Consuming all of this data and combining it to form analysis and actionable reports is now getting impossible to do manually, but companies who do not utilise all the latest data available to them are setting themselves up behind the competition.

Luckily advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning now allow complex systems to silently do the work of thousands of analysts in studying this great mass of data and the hidden, high-level relationships in this data.

Our Altum Brain is specially crafted to use the latest machine intelligence algorithms to cleverly process huge multidimensional sequential datasets and gain high-level insight from them that no human could ever do.

Integrated API Interface

To help your Altum brain models fit into your existing workflow we have a super-fast API gateway linking straight into your trained models