Our Story - Our Mission

At Altum Intelligence we have seen how artificial intelligence is changing the world. We have witnessed the rise of applications in incredible areas making a huge impact in novel ways.

We have however noticed a distinct gap spanning across many industries.

That gap is one of using data for insights intelligence. We have seen how analysts in asset managers currently work through data manually. Using old techniques to slowly correlate one set of data with another. We have witnessed companies use finger-in-the-air methods to guess at strategies and metrics. We have also seen the exponential rise in new sources of data; both traditional data in more volume as well as alternative datasets which have the potential to provide a faster, real-time approach to gaining metrics and insights.

We decided there must be another way.

Using our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning we have set out to provide a platform and service to produce beautifully intuitive insights.

Imagine a world where any data can be ingested and analysed with the same power and speed as millions of expert analysts working 24/7 to produce investible, tradable and generally actionable insights. We want to create this world.

This is why we have created the Altum Platform along with the Altum Brain. An ever growing set of deep learning models that achieve a superhuman level of intelligence for analysing data.

There next revolution has already begun in the world. We have made it our mission to not only be part of it, but to lead it.

Jakob Aungiers

Founder & CEO

Born in Germany, Czech by nationality but raised in the United Kingdom, Jakob Aungiers founded Altum Intelligence in 2017. Coming from a background of computer science and banking Jakob headed up the Quantitative Research Development and Quantitative Technology area in the Global Investment Strategy team at HSBC Global Asset Management before leaving to found Altum Intelligence.

Unhappy with the slow progress and lack of innovation of a large corporate culture Jakob has always had a desire to push the boundaries of innovation in changing the world. Having studied computer science at the University of Southampton he has been particularly focused on the area of Artificial Intelligence for many years.

In his previous roles at Schroders Investment Management he had been exposed to the up-and-coming areas of using both traditional and alternative data to produce novel and meaningful investment insight and after spending several years at HSBC designing and creating new quantitative technology systems to optimise the investment workflow and build out the strategic vision, he realised that he could combine the tremendous power of artificial intelligence in the highly complex and difficult tasks of financial data analysis.

Hence, Altum Intelligence was born. Taking this new vision out of London and building on it remotely Jakob is able to travel globally, pursuing his passion for adventure, whilst maintaining the focus to create the go-to platform for data insights.

Jakob has been a speaker at a variety of talks on deep learning and finance over the years. He has a strong competitive and adventures drive that can be seen by his other passion of being a competitive skydiver, skydiving coach and holding UK skydiving records.