Simple pricing for your needs

Free Tier


Yes that’s right! Completely 100% free. We are firm believers in trying before buying, so we offer access to our Altum Platform and part of our Altum Brain completely free of charge.

You’ll be able to make simple models that predict on small datasets to your heart’s desire. And when you’re ready for something more, we’re here to help you make the switch.

Basic Predictive Models
Create up to 3 custom basic deep learning models for predictive analysis.

Datasets up to 10Mb or 25,000 rows
Upload your datasets with as many dimensions as you like up to your modest limits.

Non-Commercial Usage
Feel free to use the platform continuously as long as your work is non-commercial in purpose.

Basic API Calls
You get rate-limited access to your models via our API calls.

Available Soon

We are working very hard putting the final cherries on the cake to have our free platform available very soon.


£ 800 per month

If you have the data, know what you want and just need an awesome platform to get it on then you want the commercial tier. Unlimited access to models, data, APIs and report generation.

We can offer basic support with the platform, but we assume you know all about your data to be able to handle the model and integration side.

Unlimited Predictive Models
Create unlimited custom deep learning models for predictive analysis*.

Unlimited* Datasets
Have as many datasets as you desire and make use of our bespoke generative training methods on big data.

Full Commercial Security & Encryption
Your models and data are secured by military grade encryption.

Unlimited* API Calls
Integrate your models into your workflow and systems via API calls.

* fair usage limits apply.

Get Commercial



We offer a fully custom solution for your data science needs. If you have the data but don’t know what to do with it or how it might be useful we’re here to help.

We are able to provide a full range of services from exploratory data analysis, artificial intelligence consultancy, data cleaning, model creation and software/workflow integration. We assign a team of experts to your project from start to finish.

Expert Consultancy
Not sure what you need or how artificial intelligence can help your business? We can sit down and talk.

Data Exploration
All this data can be confusing, especially if you collect a lot of it and don’t know where to start. We explore your data universe to assess what we can do for you.

Integration to the Altum Brain
Once we work out what you need, we work to create a bespoke project for you integrated in our platform.

System Integration
We can also integrate our models directly into your own systems and processes.

Get A Bespoke Solution