Altum AI Platform
Bespoke Solutions

Welcome to the Altum Insights Platform, an AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) framework which runs in the cloud (in-house version available for clients with data regulatory requirements).

This platform is our core framework for building complex machine intelligence models, both completely bespoke as well as general purpose and producing beautiful visual outputs and reports from the models.

The platform gives a unique set of tools to users to allow them to create their own tailored subset of the Altum Brain to suit their specific data needs on their own, or alongside the expertise of Altum Intelligence. The platform can ingest a large volume of highly multidimensional data (both static, or as a time series) and from that create insights on the hidden relationships, abstractions, and higher level non-linearities in the data.

You can also use it to cluster datasets in an unsupervised fashion (no need to create labels for your data, the Altum Brain will figure out significant relationships and cluster by them).

With our expertise in the field of investment management and banking, we also include a fully-fledged backtesting framework for tradable strategies from the signals generated by the Altum Brain on financial investment data.

If you prefer to have your outputs fed in their raw form to your own systems, we offer a set of simple and scalable API interfaces to your models.

Modern Visualisation Dashboard

We know that the way you hear the story is just as important as the details in the story. That is why the Altum Insights Platform has a modern, intuitive and beautiful visualisation interface that renders the information from the Altum Brain insights in easily digestible, visual ways (of course, if you need to get to the raw data, nothing is stopping you).

Deep AI Model Builder Interface

Writing code is a non-programmers worst nightmare. That’s why we make sure you don’t need to! The Altum Insights Platform provides a visual way to build custom models to ingest, manipulate and analyse your data. Although the Altum Brain already does most of the hard work for you anyway leaving you time for more important things than to fiddle with models.

Cloud Training Platform

Our Altum Brain lives in our highly optimised cloud where it is able to utilise the resources of huge data centres, running special AI hardware, to perform calculations light years faster than a regular server environments. This means our models can be trained on your data quickly and easily so you spend less time waiting, and more time digesting the insights.

We recognise the need for some clients to have in-house only solutions, due to regulation, data privacy or stringent data licencing agreements, and we happily work with these clients to provide in-house capability of the Altum Insights Platform.

Strategy Backtester

Whilst the Altum Insights Platform is able to be used on any data from any field, we specifically use our expertise from the investment management areas to target it on investment management applications.

This means we have some handy tools for fund managers and analysts to use within the platform, including the investment strategy backtester, a fully-fledged backtest functionality to test the predictive output of the Altum brain with trading strategies against set benchmarks under various conditions.

Many Model Storage

Your models are your own, so if you create and train a model along with a set of data that does what you need, we store it for you to access at any time. These models can be incrementally improved over time with more data and more training, or they can be used in your workflow fully trained.

REST API to Your Models

The Altum Insights Platform is a great place to visualise the insights from your data. But we realise that you might want more than just visuals, if your models are useful you will most likely want some actionable capacity on your models that slots in without a fuss to your existing workflow and systems. This is why we have a simple set of two-way REST APIs that are quick and easy to use