Our Story - Our Mission

At Altum Intelligence we have seen how artificial intelligence is changing the world. We have witnessed the rise of applications in incredible areas making huge impacts in novel ways and completely redefining business processes and workflows.

Through our long-running expertise in developing quantitative systems for financial companies and hedge funds we realised that, while most business areas could benefit from artificial intelligence or robotic process automation, very few of these business areas knew where to start in investigating and implementing these solutions.

Since this discovery we have made it our mission to be the bridge between high-level business management and specific AI and RPA implementations.

Jakob Aungiers

Founder & CEO

Born in Germany, Czech by nationality but raised in the United Kingdom, Jakob Aungiers founded Altum Intelligence in 2017. Coming from a background of computer science and banking Jakob headed up the Quantitative Research Development and Quantitative Technology area in the Global Investment Strategy team at HSBC Global Asset Management before leaving to found Altum Intelligence.

Having directly built and implemented AI solutions across a number of financial business areas, Jakob has always had a desire to push the boundaries of innovation in changing the world. Jakob studied computer science at the world renowned Electronics and Computer Science department in the University of Southampton, specialising in artificial intelligence, intelligent systems and agent-based simulations.

In his previous roles at Schroders Investment Management he had been exposed to the up-and-coming areas of using both traditional and alternative data to produce novel and meaningful investment insight and, after spending several years at HSBC designing and creating new quantitative technology systems to automate the investment workflow and build out the strategic vision, he founded Altum Intelligence to continue building on the mission of bringing AI automation to every business.

Jakob has been a speaker and business mentor at a variety of talks and events over the years, from the Deep Learning in Finance Summit in London to startup events in Beirut and Sydney. Jakob has a strong drive for competition and adventure that can be seen by his other passions of being a competitive skydiver with over 1000 jumps and having skydiving records to his name, as well as by his passion for surfing exotic waves all over the world.